A Strategy to reduce your risk, including:

• Avoiding project crashes, set-backs, and embarrassments.

• Helping bring the project in on budget, on time, and with desired quality.

• Minimizing headaches, rude surprises, and confusion - allowing you to focus on normal day-to-day operations.

• Making your project more attractive to funding agencies.

A Methodology to meet your needs:

• Assessing the variables before solving the equation

• identifying owner needs

• Separating construction headaches from normal, on-going business operations

• Shepharding the procurement of Public Works Agreements, Storm Water Management Documents, Utility Changes, Building Permits

• Analyzing cash-flow and draw schedules

• Sorting options for the abatement of hazardous materials

• Coordination and documentation of Sustainable Design efforts

Solutions to everyday problems:

• Coordinating the efforts of Design Team and Builders

• Monitor planning/programming sessions

• Build project master schedule

• Solicit and review periodic cost models, searching for value opportunities

• Review bid packaging and bid results for conformity to expectations

• Coordination with owner's "other" vendors

• Review contracts, changes and invoices

• Monitor budget and cash flow

• Information Reporting

• Quality Control

• Dispute resolution

Additional Consulting Resources:

• We live in an age of specialization. Should special needs arise on your project, I can call on allied specialists in the fields of Facility Management, Energy Studies, Sustainable Design and Construction, Cost Estimating, and Financial Pro-Forma, thereby strengthening the project and saving time.